About Juelie Perry

Bachelor of Science: Family Studies & Early Education
Master of Science: Varying Exceptionalities

As a storyteller and play-based advocate, Juelie Perry adds playful humor and sincerity to the topics relevant to today’s early educators, owners, and directors. Over the past 30 years as a professor/play coach/director/teacher/advocate/mother/grandmother/foster and adoptive parent of children with special needs, Juelie Perry has experienced the most unique, inspiring, and shocking situations which transform the lecture platform into an engaging conversation. Juelie works alongside NAEYC/ FLAEYC, Early Learning Coalitions, Head Start programs, and many private providers in the state of Florida and around the country to continue to build relationships for business owners/staff development/ family engagement, and community advocacy. Her passion is evident in her speaking, teaching, and inspiration to those who work with children and families. Her motto “Inspiring Minds to Impact Our World” allows participants to consciously engage in their own professional development, create a plan of action and impact those in their own "world".