Play Training

Play Training for Educators is centered around deliberate teaching techniques:

  • Participants will gain expertise in crafting enriching self-active play opportunities for both children and adults, employing open-ended materials.
  • They will develop, implement, and assess innovative teaching methodologies.
  • The program aims to reinforce teachers' identity as advocates for play.
  • Participants will cultivate more introspective teaching approaches.
  • A deeper comprehension of the teacher's role in the learning journey will be fostered.
  • Strategies for establishing business partnerships to procure open-ended materials will be developed.
  • Moreover, action strategies will be explored to enhance NAEYC affiliate play, policy, and practice.

Play Workshops

  1. Participants engage in hands-on play activities that stimulate creative thinking.
  2. Play helps construct, implement, and evaluate new teaching approaches.
  3. Create quality play experiences for children and adults using open-ended materials.
  4. Insights and new understanding about how people learn are drawn from these activities.
  5. Opportunity for adults working with children to reconnect and reacquaint with the power of play.

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